Port Operators Association of Turkey
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Port Operators Association of Turkey

Türklim was found in 1996, with the aim of finding solutions to the sectoral’s problems of private port operators in a common platform as ensuring the cooperation.

The multi dimensional structure of the port operator business necessitates working in coordination with many institutions.

In such structure, our association ensures the information flow between our member operators and relevant state unites as contributing to an effective work of its members to the current legislation.

Our Association, representing the private port operators in various region of Turkey, performs as a corporation of reference and accreditation.

As the main objective stands freight and passenger business which starts and ends with the ports, the port activities are one of the most important components of the maritime business. For this reason, our association executes duties such as contributing to the development of port operating which’s importance grows in our national economy, helping the formation of a competitive cooperation between Mediterranean, Europe and Middle east ports, being an international association, ensuring a coordination between the port operators and all relevant public institutions and composing visions.


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